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Haute Couture Webdesign is niet zomaar webdesign.
Dit is veel meer dan een mooi plaatje.
Met dit pakket kies je voor een website die je ideale klant aantrekt.
Laat mij je helpen om een nieuw digitaal thuis en echte marketing machine voor je bedrijf te creëren.

PINK gelooft in strategie gerichte websites.
Websites die bezoekers omzetten in leads, omzet voor je genereren en je zichtbaarheid vergroten.

Tijdens het ontwerpproces zal je door de 6 stappen leiden die nodig zijn om je doelen te bereiken in de online wereld. Samen maken we een website die niet alleen mooi voor het oog is, maar ook een drijvende kracht voor je bedrijf.

PINK neemt de tijd om jou en je bedrijf te leren kennen, zodat ik een compleet pakket kan bieden.
Een website is namelijk slechts een stukje van de marketing puzzel.

Hoe dan?

  • We stellen samen een actieplan op, op basis van jouw bedrijf en jouw doelen
  • Ik maak een ontwerp met je ideale klant in gedachten
  • Er wordt rekening houden met zoekmachine optimalisatie gedurende het hele ontwerpproces
  • Natuurlijk wordt het een responsive website, zodat de website op alle schermen even geweldig is
  • Samen zorgen we ervoor dat het ontwerp aansluit op je marketingplan
  • Er komen meerdere call-to-action knoppen, om van bezoekers klanten te maken
  • Ik neem de technische aspecten, zoals hosting, setup, en de lancering voor mijn rekening
  • Dan nog wat training, zodat je zelf wijzigingen kunt aanbrengen en inhoud kunt toevoegen
  • Tot slot ben je eigenaar van een krachtige website, ontworpen om te presteren


  • je een duidelijke visie voor je bedrijf hebt, maar nog niet weet hoe je dit online naar het volgende level brengt
  • je een professionele en ambitueuze ondernemer bent die waarde hecht aan het belang van een goed doordachte website
  • je begrijpt dat een goed ontworpen website onderdeel is van een totale strategie.
  • je er klaar voor bent om in de spotlights te stappen, een statement te maken en je doelen te gaan waarmaken
  • je meer dan een cliënt / designer relatie wil. Jij wil iemand die met je meedenkt, die als een partner is

“Offer het potentiëel van je website niet op door te denken dat alle webdesign gelijk is. Besef dat iedere beslissing van belang is.

De ontwerper is belangrijk.

Zonder de juiste creatieve richting, technische knowhow en relevante marketing kennis zal je website hooguit een mooi plaatje zijn, geen onderdeel van je marketing strategie.”

website maken, webdesigner, website

Wanneer gaan we aan de slag?

Ik wil vandaag nog een offerte

You need a website designer that understands your business.

We believe that your website should be more than an online brochure. It should work for you. A great website can help you:

  • Attract, market, and sell while you’re doing other things
  • Reduce costs (or keep you from acquiring new ones)
  • Save you time by simplifying or automating processes
  • Increase revenue by supporting new products and services
  • Grow your customer and client base by reaching new markets

Want to build a mailing list with your site? (Hint: The correct answer is YES.)


Let’s bring your business dreams to life, online!

I’m going to light the fire under your website so that you enchant and seduce everyone who stops – including Google!

With gorgeous mobile-device-ready design, intuitive composition, plenty of calls-to-action, and seductive Search Engine Optimization strategy, we’re going to foster a lifetime love affair between you and your customers – from their very first visit.


Imagine what it feels like to be head over heels in love with the outside – and the backside – of your website!

After launch, I’ll take you behind the scenes to teach you to nurture, nourish and keep your website alive and singing. You’ll have access to a library of short n’ sweet custom videos to show you how to D.I.Y – only what you need to know. No coding necessary! No stress.


Of course you need a beautiful, hard-working website. Duh! I can certainly help with that. I also want you to have the know-how and the confidence to be able to update it – to add products, testimonials, blog posts, sales pages, new images… I want to educate and empower you to take control of your website content.

I’ll ensure that you can do all this and without causing any blemishes – or catastrophic failure – of your website! You won’t need to know code. Right now, you may not know how to crop a photograph. I will teach you to D.I.Y only what you need to know.

  • Project plan

  • The key element to our continued success.
    I’ll create a project plan & manage it in our shared online Asana project management system.
    Don’t worry if you haven’t used it before, I have a quick intro video (5 mins) to give you a quick rundown of how it works. Super easy.
    You never have to worry about what is being done, when. You’ll know when things are due to you or vica versa, where we are in the whole process and how close to launch we are. ALL. THE. TIME.
    Dream like and eagle, plan like a mouse – Danielle LaPorte
  • Coming Soon landing page

    I’ll set up your ‘coming soon’ landing page to kick start the web creation process.

  • 8 page Custom design & developed WordPress website

    (Usually something along the lines of Home, About, Services, Service1, Service 2, Service 3, Blog, Contact)
    You’ll get a fully custom designed & developed WordPress website, yip, custom designed, because you are not a template.
    I will design your headers for each page (if they are different) and also the graphics buttons, service boxes, pie charts, diagrams etc. so that they match the rest of your brand.
    You’ll also have a blog to connect with your audience, to grow your own tribe.
    Of course your site will be mobile responsive and usable on all devices, you’re working with a pro now!

  • Launch ready plug-ins

    To continue the success of developing your online business, I’ll install the necessary plug-ins to keep your site secure, backed up, found on Search Engines, have the right contact forms. Your tribe will even be able to share your articles on social media, with the click of a button! It is good to get going with the basics already in place.You’ll get:
    All In One SEO plugin which handles the technical optimization of your site & assists with optimizing your content.

    Coschedule Click To Tweet allows you to easily create tweetable content for your readers. Use pullquotes and custom messages inside the body of your blog post to highlight your content for the reader and make it simple for them to share on Twitter.

  • Opt-in (Lead Magnet) to grow your email subscriber list

    I’ll design your email opt-in to help grow your email subscriber list, heck, I’ll even integrate it with your email marketing system. (max 5-page interactive PDF)

  • Email marketing newsletter design, set up for you!

    I’ll design & setup your newsletter for launch, you literally only have to click SEND!

  • Rest assured maintenance

    For 2 months after launch you will receive my maintenance package on your site, you’ll have analytics for your site already set up, so this would be a great time to review the reports, track your progress and decide ‘where to’ next!


  • Duration for project

    4-6 weeks.
    It would be safe to bet on 2 months.
    We can only start the design/development process once you have submitted the full Brand Clarity questionnaire. Our creation process is extremely dependent on what information you supply us with and your design collateral (your logo, brand fonts, colors etc.)

    For obvious reasons the timeline is also dependent on your prompt feedback for design reviews and quick response times. Follow the proposed project timeline and you’ll be right on track.

  • Refund policy info

    Hey, I get it. Life happens and plans change. If you decide within 48 hours you have made the wrong decision, I will give you a full refund, less the transaction processing fees.

    Once design work has commenced (and not the development), you had an epiphany whilst dreaming about your business and want to change the direction completely of your business, I can only offer you a partial refund.

    We can discuss the change of direction and see how we can make this work for both of us. We’re a team, remember?!

  • Do I need to have my website copy ready?


  • Can you help me with my website copy?

    Unfortunately, no. I have a great variety of copywriters to put you in to contact with so you can get the process going.

  • Do I have to have my domain name and hosting ready or will you do it for me?

    Yes, you will need to have registered your domain name and have a hosting plan in place before we can load and launch your site. Because your website is built using WordPress, you need to have Linux based hosting with a Cpanel and FTP access.
    Please don’t skimp on your your host, it is a VERY IMPORTANT aspect of your website.

  • Do I get to make changes to my site before we launch?

    You get two rounds of revisions at the design stage and two rounds of revisions at the development stage.
    Make sure you proofread your content BEFORE sending it our way. It would be a waste of your revision rounds to use them on editing your content.


If you’re here you’ve probably been in the trenches for a while now. You know your ideal client, you have some big plans, and you’re ready to step into the vision you’ve been planning out.

And you’re probably not feeling so great about your current website. You’ve outgrown it and it no longer feels like you. In fact, it’s holding you back.

You know you need to concentrate on marketing your business, and have so many things you want to do but you’re afraid that making changes will break your whole site (and end up costing you a tonne of money).

I know what that feels like. I know that when you start a new venture or want to uplevel your current business, there are so many things to learn and get on top of if you’re going to survive, let alone thrive.

And it’s likely your first website wasn’t built with too much business strategy in mind or a plan for how you’re going to grow.

You may be worried that your big beautiful dreams are slipping away.

First, know that it’s okay. We can change this. Now you can have a website that looks great and supports your unique goals as an entrepreneur, and brings your dreams closer.


  • You know your services are as good as (or better than) theirs and yet they’re doing so much better than you
  • They’re posting earnings reports that make your jaw drop
  • They’re using sales funnels and squeeze pages and you have no idea if you should do this too (or if you should do something completely different)
  • You want to be as proud of your website as you’d be of theirs


A beautiful new website, set up to support your marketing goals. Unique. Crafted for you and your needs. Designed to attract your clients like a compass to true north.


Strategy & Planning

Before we set off, we need to know where we’re heading. You’ll fill out your comprehensive Client Attraction Website Workbook, and we’ll spend our first intensive planning session mapping out our journey to win the heart of your ideal client. And if you need web hosting guidance, we’ll cover that too.

Structure & Layout

One of the secrets to a great relationship is a solid foundation. Together we’ll plan out a firm base from which you can work your magic. Under my guidance you’ll look at your current website, prune out any deadwood and bring your important content into the light. I’ll recommend a a site structure based on your goals so that visitors flow through your website along paths we map out. Brand new site with no content? No problem. We’ll figure out what you need so you can get writing (or working with a copywriter).

Creative Design

If structure is your brand’s soul, design is its heart. This is where the magic happens. The colors, fonts and design elements that I create for your website will make your brand sing. Using the Brand Playbook, I’ll be asking you to dig deep to draw out your own likes and dislikes and I’ll translate those into a color palette and mood board from which your design will emerge.

Responsive Web Development

If your website doesn’t work on mobile, you’re losing customers. I’ll code your beautiful new design so it resizes for different devices, and add in SEO-friendly development and optimized images to encourage  Google to seek you out.


Are you building your list? Of course you are! (Or if you’re not, we’ll make that a priority.) Your website will come with all the optin forms you need, and an email header to keep your brand consistent.


Facebook (and Twitter too, if that’s your jam) header images will round out your online brand and keep you consistent in the eyes of your audience.


Once everything’s tested and working beautifully, I’ll be on hand to support you through the launch and beyond.  I’ll add to your marketing efforts by announcing your new site to my own audience, and I’ll make sure you have everything you need to navigate your new online home. To the stars!

You already know how important a captivating and cohesive brand is. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t…

But shameful as it may be, you stalk your competition on a fairly regular basis.

Their brand, their website, their marketing graphics, they’re all just so perfectly pixelized!

Maybe you’d heard how fabulous and user-friendly WordPress is, so you tried the DIY route, or maybe you cashed in on every favor owed to you from family, friends and your inner circle. Try as you might, your website (or lack thereof) still screams amateur.

The time is now – it’s YOUR time to shine!

You’ve outgrown your start-up branding and website, and now you’re ready to show up as the influencial entrepreneur you know you are!


– A brand strategy + business design planning consult
– Hosting & domain setup
– All the must-have lead generating plug-ins
– Social media integration
– Email list-buliding opt-in forms and integration
– 20 hours of content upload and page layout
– Blog setup
– Mobile responsive
– Complete testing on browsers and devices
– SEO on all pages and images
– 1 month post-launch email support

  • Custom Design
  • Home page and up to 5 other pages
  • Content upload
  • Blog set-up (includes upload of up to 3 posts)
  • Additional pages $200
  • Testimonials showcase
  • Team/Staff showcase
  • Project/Portfolio showcase
  • Events Calendar integration
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages
  • Opt-in forms with free download set-up

>Attract your ideal clients with a custom design to match your brand
>Include content planners to help you write compelling copy that engages your visitors and makes them more likely to buy >Share success stories/recent testimonials to build trust
>Bring in more visitors from search engines using on-page SEO
>Capture emails of visitors so you can nurture and convert them into clients
>Help you interact with and grow your audience using social media links and social sharing integration >Keep visitors on your site longer by using intuitive navigation and flow
>Provide the ability to add, delete and update pages and content with ease
>Resize to fit mobile devices so your audience has a great experience wherever they view your site
>Are scalable and can be extended for future offerings
>Provide transparency with traffic reporting and analytics
>Include a 30-day subscription to our Basic Support Plan so you can spend your time [insert something you’d rather do than maintain your website here]. <

“But what if I need more than 6 pages?!” Great idea — frankly, to get really good traction with The Google, you should be considering a site in the range of at least 20-30 pages. So additional pages are not a problem at all — we typically charge a per-page rate of $225 for each additional page. (This may vary if those pages include super-specialized functionality or design, but it’s a good ballpark for estimating a price.)








    One hour initial strategy call to plan your website.


    One hour initial strategy call to plan your website.


    We will start the design phase and provide you with a homepage layout, a blog layout and a page layout.


    After the design phase we will make any changes and then you approve your design.


    Once your design has been signed off we will build your website on a live demo.


    Either us or you will upload your content to the website ready to go live.


    Testing and proofing is done on the site to ensure it is all working correctly.


    Now everything is done and tested it is time for final approval before going live.


    Now for the exciting time – your website going live! Let’s celebrate!


    You get access to our video training and also have a 30 minute introduction call.

Here’s how it all works.


Book a time with one of our experts of a free, no obligation consultation to discover how we can help.

Strategy Session

Once your project kicks off we begin with a one-on-one strategy session to learn about your goals and talk tactics.

Conversion Plan

We’ll then devise a solid conversion strategy to ensure your new online presence achieves your business goals, and brief in our design team.

Design & Development

Our design and development team get busy creating your new sales powerhouse to drive more leads.

Sales Copywriting

We’ll do your keyword research and get busy crafting compelling website copy that not only speaks directly to your audience, but that Google loves too.

Content Upload

Our designers upload your content and polish it with their designer touch to make it ready to convert.


Our friendly technical support crew will phone you to run through our CMS platform and let you in on a few little tips so you can really get the best value possible from your new website.

Testing & Go Live

Once everything is tested it’s time to publish your new sales workhorse and start profiting more.


Here’s how it works:


We’ll ask a lot of questions to learn about your business, your target audience, and the end result desired. We will talk through your initial ideas and explore the opportunities your business can leverage online.


Once we have learned about your goals, we’ll create a strategy to ensure your new website will achieve them.


Your site will come to life with your brand, colors, and imagery. We’ll add your content, optimize for search engines, and test across popular browsers and devices before launching your new marketing powerhouse.


We will transfer the website from our testing server onto your live server. Wahoo! Time to celebrate a job well done and schedule your training.


What if you want to add a feature? What if something goes wrong? Fear not. We offer support plansto ensure your new website continues to run smoothly and safely and stays visible for your audience.



Ik zal een heleboel vragen stellen om je te leren kennen. Vragen over je bedrijf, je doelgroep, en het gewenste eindresultaat. We gaan het hebben over je ideeën en wat je mooi en niet mooi vind. Maar ook gaan we het hebben over de mogelijkheden die er zijn om je bedrijf online te profileren.


Zodra er een goed beeld is van je visie en doelstellingen, gaan we een strategie bedenken om de website gebruiksvriendelijk te maken, en tevens te zorgen dat je bezoekers ook klanten willen worden.


Als er een goede strategie is opgesteld gaat de ontwerpfase van start. Dit is het moment dat stijlen, vormen, lettertypes en kleuren een rol gaan spelen.




Dan komt het moment dat je website online gaat. Spannend!




“WHAT?! But that guy online said he’d do it for $500!”

There are a number of costs to consider in our website package pricing. Yes, this cost covers design and development. It also covers a number of other services, such as:

  • Creation of a brand palette, which helps you lock down your fonts, colors and other visual elements for a consistent look and feel.
  • Helping you select the right photography for the site — you may not realize it, but strong photography is one of the most important factors in your site design. We may help you select appropriate stock photography, or we may help with creative direction on a full photo shoot.
  • Resizing and optimizing those images so that your site doesn’t run like molasses.
  • Helping you to plan and arrange your copy (if we don’t write the copy for you) and making sure that your site is set up to actually convert (that’s a fancy word for “get your customers to do what you want them to do”).
  • If you provide the copy, we typically include complimentary proofreading, just to make sure your spelling and grammar are on point.
  • Roughly a week of mobile platform testing — every site is tested on at least 8 to 10 different computer and mobile device sizes, on both Mac and PC platforms, and on both iPhone and Android mobile platforms.
  • Suggestions for additional marketing strategies you may want to undertake — with or without us — to further turbo-charge your marketing efforts.

So basically, for this price, you’re getting full-service design, development, photo/video, editorial and quality assurance consultation. You’re also getting overall business development advice, visual brand guidance and all the wisdom 10+ years of TV-industry branding work can provide. (Beat that, guy from Fiverr!)

You’ll also get two rounds of revision on your site design — so there’s plenty of opportunity to fine-tune as we work through the project.


Our standard website package includes six 100% custom page designs, which tend to cover the basic needs of many businesses:

  1. Home
  2. About
  3. Services
  4. Blog Hub Page
  5. Blog Post Page (includes per-post social sharing via Monarch)
  6. Contact (includes email submission form powered by MailChimp or AWeber, as well as a Google map, if desired)

What’s Included With The Complete Package?


"WAT?! Maar die ander zei dat hij zou het voor € 500 zou doen."

Bij het maken van een keuze voor een webdesigner zijn er een aantal zaken om te overwegen.

Allereerst, de webdesigner doet er wèl toe. Een goed gevoel bij iemand die zo’n groot deel van je bedrijf gaat ontwerpen is belangrijk. Er zijn een aantal kosten te overwegen in onze website pakket prijsstelling. Ja, deze kosten heeft betrekking op het ontwerp en de ontwikkeling. Het omvat ook een aantal andere diensten, zoals:

Oprichting van een merk palet, die u helpt vergrendelen uw lettertypen, kleuren en andere visuele elementen voor een consistente look en feel.

Helpt u de juiste fotografie voor de site selecteren – je mag niet realiseren, maar sterk fotografie is een van de belangrijkste factoren bij het ontwerp van uw site. Wij kunnen u helpen de juiste stock photography selecteren, of kunnen wij u helpen met creatieve richting op een volle fotoshoot.

Het formaat en het optimaliseren van die beelden, zodat uw site niet lopen als melasse.

Helpt u te plannen en uw exemplaar te regelen (als we niet de kopie voor u te schrijven) en ervoor te zorgen dat uw site is opgezet om daadwerkelijk om te zetten (dat is een duur woord voor “get uw klanten te doen wat je wilt dat ze doen “).

Als u de kopie te bieden, wij doorgaans voorzien van een gratis proeflezen, gewoon om ervoor te zorgen dat uw spelling en grammatica op punt.

Ongeveer een week van mobiele platform testen – elke site is getest op ten minste 8 tot 10 verschillende computer en mobiele apparaat maten, zowel op Mac en PC platforms, en zowel op de iPhone en Android mobiele platformen.

Suggesties voor extra marketing strategieën die je zou willen ondernemen – met of zonder ons – om verder te turbo-charge uw marketing inspanningen.

Dus eigenlijk, voor deze prijs, je krijgt full-service ontwerp, de ontwikkeling, foto / video, redactionele en kwaliteitsborging overleg. Je bent ook steeds algemene business development advies, visuele merk begeleiding en alle wijsheid 10+ jaren van tv-industrie branding werk kan bieden. (Beat dat, kerel uit Fiverr!)

U krijgt ook twee rondes van herziening op uw site design – dus er is volop gelegenheid om te fine-tunen als we werken via het project.

Welk WordPress thema gebruik je?

Alle sites die ik bouw draaien op DIVI van Elegant Themes. Dit thema is een blanco canvas dat kan worden aangepast op elk mogelijk denkbare manier. Het wordt gebruikt door duizenden websites en is populair bij webdesigners over de gehele wereld. De ontwikkeling van dit thema stopt nooit. Voortdurend worden er zaken verbeterd en aangepast aan de steeds veranderende webdevelopment en trends.

Het risico van een uniek thema kopen is dat deze snel achterhaald kan zijn, zodra WordPress wordt geupdate (iedere paar maanden).  Een ontwikkelaar kan zich op een ander project richten of stoppen. Door je site te laten draaien op DIVI, een van de meest gebruikte en verst ontwikkelde thema’s verkrijgbaar, blijft je site veilig en stabiel.

Welke overige kosten kan ik verwachten?

Bij een website komen een aantal vaste kosten kijken, webhosting en je domeinnaam. Deze kan je ook bij mij afsluiten, maar als je zelf al een webhost & domeinnaam hebt dan is dat ook helemaal prima. Kosten bij mij zijn:

  • Domeinnaam (.nl € 12,-/jr of .com € 18,-/jr)
  • Webhosting (€ 37,- /jr)

Daarnaast zijn er nog diverse extra kosten, afhankelijk van je eigen wensen en behoeften:

  • Extra aangeschafte accessoires
  • Laten schrijven van je webtekst (Tekst Accessoire € 200,-)
  • Maandelijks Herstel & Verstel Pakket
  • Specifieke plugins die je wilt of nodig hebt
  • Aanschaf van foto’s uit de beeldbank
  • Kosten webfont (lettertype), als je een specifieke voorkeur hebt
Maak je ook websites op maat, Een echt one-of-a-kind design?
Oh ja! Alleen dan val je niet meer onder de Prêt-à-Porter Websites, maar dan ga je voor een volledig gepersonaliseerd Haute Couture Webdesign. Hierin ligt de wereld voor je open en maak ik de website precies zoals jij hem wilt. Perfect passend voor jouw bedrijf, als een maatpak.
Ik weet niets van WordPress, is dat een probleem?

Geen enkel probleem, je krijgt van mij een korte training en daarnaast onbeperkte toegang tot een volledige bibliotheek met uitleg over hoe alles werkt. Dat gaat je zeker lukken!

Ik ben verkocht! Waar kan ik me aanmelden?